NION Haus Neukölln

Under one roof

ROOF Garden Terrace, Daycare, Events 1.564 m2
F5     Music 1.758 m2
F4 Innovation, Daycare 1.957 m2
F3 Innovation & Esports, VR/AR, Games     2.027 m2
F2 Culinary & Health, Wellness     2.027 m2
F1 Culinary & Concept Store 1.647 m2




As a nonprofit, NION Neukölln is comprised of members and partners who pay dues to cover the operational costs of the space they use without any 3rd parties profiting. Any surpluses generated are donated back to neighborhood causes chosen by vote of members and partners.

NION’s active and diverse community benefits from shared resources such as a commercial kitchen, green gardens, programming, an international network, and extraordinary visibility via combined marketing and foot traffic.

Culinary & Concept Store F1 & F2

Food connects cultures, people and their emotions. Together we want to experiment, explore and discover sustainable agriculture & food technologies, immerse ourselves in different culinary worlds. Furthermore we want to offer a huge variety on exciting non-food products.

  • Food market
  • Concept store
  • Restaurant and retail pop ups
  • Circular economy showcase with “saved food market & cafe
  • Tech, food & product design showcases & retail
  • NION’s “Discover Japan” Shop
  • Show & community kitchen with event space
Nion Haus Neukölln Food Campus

Health & Wellness F2

Health and Wellness is yet another bridge of culture, emotions and people. Together we want to train, meditate, relax and take care of our body and mind as an integral part of our (working) day. We will dive into different training concepts and health topics and address well being in its many shapes

  • Hotpod Yoga Berlin
  • Fitness
  • Rowing & energy room
  • Sauna
  • Massage & acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Health & wellbeing workshops
Nion Haus Neukölln Health Campus

E-Sports F3

E-sports and gaming has conquered the world and people have come together from all kinds of places. Berlin being an e-sport hub in Europe connects directly with Tokyo.

We will foster that bridge of playful innovation and enable new synergies by an active exchange program of teams (gamers/players) and startups.

  • Esports Cafe
  • VR & AR
  • Esports training
  • Game Center
  • Tech showcases & retail
  • Fan merchandise
  • Office space, studios, workshops, training pods and event space
Nion Haus Neukölln Game Center

Tech & Start-ups F3 & F4

Each floor is curated by its own tech community with their main topics for each of the two floors. We foster an active dialog between the startups and communities to inspire, enrich each other to enable further synergies and holistic solutions.

  • Food Tech
  • Agriculture Tech
  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Blockchain
  • Smart Building
  • Circular economy
  • NION Bridge (Accelerator)
  • Tech Showcases & retail
  • Office space, studios, workshopsand event space
Nion Haus Neukölln Workspace

Daycare F4

Committed to education and shaping a more inclusive society of tomorrow. Our conceptual ideas are based on understanding people as holistic, actively developing beings.

In exchange with the social environment and under favorable conditions, existing skills can be developed better.

  • Active learning with the community
  • Access to all the NION topics culture, circular economy, farming, food and tech
  • Daycare in the work environment of the parents
Nion Haus Neukölln KiTa

Music F5

Berlin is the capital of club culture, however due to gentrification and rising prices more and more clubs are driven out or closed.

Especially now, it’s important to maintain Berlin’s cultural values and its artistic attractiveness, which is why we will provide the whole floor for a Club where we want to jointly develop event concepts that also work under corona conditions. A protected space for freedom of artistic expression.

  • Culture & event site
  • Culture bridge between Japanese clubs & artists
Nion Haus Neukölln Club Culture


A cultivated roof garden, which offers generous green areas and a panoramic view of Berlin. Meanwhile music, readings, culinary events, outdoor activities and more.

The greenery is flourishing, bird swarms float in formations over the roof, an indispensable oasis in the neighborhood. Solar panels and wind turbines feed the building with energy.

One area of the rooftop is exclusively reserved for the Daycare, outdoor sports activities and urban farming.

  • Daycare
  • Urban farming
  • Outdoor activities
  • Bar, lounge & event space
Nion Haus Neukölln Dachterrasse

Open Space Backyard

Cities play important roles in the conservation of global biodiversity, particularly through the planning and management of local urban green spaces.

Under the heading “Give Space” we want to give back more space to nature and make a contribution to the development of urban wildlife.

The design of the exterior, but also the entire building refurbishment, the interiors and the use of space are planned and implemented on the basis of Biophilic Design.

  • Urban farming
  • Small-scale landscape creation for biodiversity
  • Neighborhood meeting place
  • Outdoor modules (instant installation, weather-proof)
Nion Haus Neukölln Immersive Open Space