NION Haus Neukölln

NION Haus Neukölln

NION Haus Neukölln
NION Haus Neukölln

About NION Haus Neukölln


As a nonprofit initiative, we are a community collaboration movement to transform the massive former C&A shopping complex in the heart of Berlin into an eco conscious center of insightful local and international exchange, focusing equally on humans, animals and plants.

Bridging West and East – especially Japan – , we are dedicated to progressing global socio-cultural areas of interest such as sustainability, climate protection, ownership through participation, equality and biophilia.

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Vision NION Haus Neukölln


We want to change urban development & how people use buildings, putting the community at the center.

As a nonprofit, NION Haus Neukölln is comprised of members and partners with ownership and participation regarding design and implementation of the project. Any surpluses generated are donated back to neighborhood causes chosen by vote of everyone.

Our active and diverse community benefits from shared resources such as a commercial kitchen, green gardens and many biophilic elements, programming, an international network, and extraordinary visibility via combined marketing and foot traffic.


ROOF Garden Terrace, Daycare, Events 1.564 m2
F5     Music 1.758 m2
F4 Innovation & Daycare 1.957 m2
F3 Innovation & Esports, VR/AR, Games     2.027 m2
F2 Culinary & Health, Wellness     2.027 m2
F1 Culinary & Concept Store 1.647 m2

Community NION Haus Neukölln


Our community includes partners who collaborate on the design of NION Haus Neukölln and its biophilic transformation. In addition, co-creating members housed at NION Haus Neukölln, as well as a growing team of experts and advisors across industries like Smart Building or Biophilic Design. And of course the neighbors who shape Berlin, Neukölln in many different ways.

In workshops we bring everyone together, exchange needs and visions and develop the project together in participatory processes.

Join NION Haus Neukölln


Want to be part of the generation of doers united in building a better future together? Want the investment in space to yield more than 4 walls? Want to benefit from being a stakeholder voice seen and heard?

We are looking for members and partners in Innovation (you’ll find examples at the top of the form), retail and culinary industries.



Together with initiatives such as Living Future Europe or A2 Accelerator, we are bringing together forward thinking innovators to define the best interoperable, modular system to use to repurpose a 11,000 m2 building in the heart of Berlin for urban planning, green sustainability, and society empowerment.




From your pop-up to outpost to long term home – NION Haus Neukölln is specifically designed to support the evolving professional and personal journey of its community members with changing times. Inquire about getting space at NION Haus Neukölln.